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We are constantly looking for new talent! We offer an independent environment where people of various backgrounds can help us build ideas. We are open for eclectic and humble personalities with strong, authentic ideas. We support young talent. We are team players. Do you want to show your creative work? Send a short presentation of yourself on film to We are recruiting a Project Manager and Account Manager now.

Project Manager

- You are a source of creative ideas, and executes them with enthusiasm
- You are always the initiator; structure and planning are your second nature.
- You think and work proactively and productively.
- You’re the best in new and social media
- You have fluent multilingual communication skills
- You know how to work with project management and multimedia software

- You have an understanding of Marketing and Public Relations
- You know how to execute creative concepts, plan and budget projects
- You think out of the box, take calculated risks and full responsibility
- You anticipate on the future and are focused on priorities

  Please send a short video presentation to


- You are a born leader.
- You are enthusiastic and you know how to get people excited.
- Your organizational skills are flawless.You are a source of creative ideas, and execute them with enthusiasm
- You have fluent multilingual skills.
- You love being social/around people.

- You know how to create a great party atmosphere without getting drunk (yourself).
- You think outside the box, take calculated risks and full responsibility.
- You anticipate on what happens and are focused on priorities.
- You want to work in weekends, evenings and in vacations. (only)

  Please send a short video presentation to


Who we are


Welcome to O-ONE-O. We are an experiental marketing agency that builds creatively driven experiences for brands across multiple platforms. We create, engage and integrate our toolbox of services to make your brand experiences happen. We generate consumer's interest, connect them with your brand and leave a strong impression. Good experiences become good stories that activate your added value.

What we do


EVENTS / Nightlife, Fashion, Corporate, Specials, Art Exhibitions, Trade Shows, …

MARKETING / Brand Activation, Concept & Idea, Field Marketing, Print Marketing…

CREATIVE / Graphic & Motion, Stand-, 3D -, Interior design, Photography…

LOGISTICS / Production, Logistic & Storage…

What we did



Piper-Heidsieck brand activation at Libertines Supersport, Brussels.




Burger restaurants are hip & trending. Two young horeca entrepreneurs, Ive Van Craen and Ruben Van Rompaey discovered a beautiful Edward Hopper-like property in Heist-op-den-berg (Belgium). We stripped and redesigned the interior... more info on

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